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Hi every one I struggled getting on and using the forum since they put changed in .
Well I’m good coming up to a year since I collapsed and had a month hospitalised and surgery . Feeling good been hard work physically and emotionally but getting their . I had another surgery I’m one week post op , it was Gyne related so don’t want to go into loads of detail . It went ok apart form me freaking out prior to it as I’m on Warfin that 1 I bleed and not stop,2, I throw a clot on my mechanical heart valve and have a stroke . Of course the medic had it all covered but anxiety went through the roof . So strange as I had my gastric bypass knowing i was a high risk (I might not make it ) but I wanted a quality not quantity of life . The appendix and Heart surgery again were emergency so I had no choice , I do have an overhang apron of skin which is pulling on the port sites .
So this year my focus has been on getting healthy and recovering , at times I get down hearted as my head think it should be quicker than it is , but then I have to say to myself it’s not a race .
I’m looking forward to going on holiday for some winter sun now my husband retired , we booked a weekend with friends in Germany going to Christmas markets so excited .
My daughter got married in July and it was wonderful I really mean it to go shopping and buy beautiful dress and jacket and not be limited to two shops . It’s strange I’m really choosy now about what I buy I don’t buy lots because I have a wardrobe full of dresses trousers . I have an obsession my hubby said for coats ??? I thought he was off he head but he right I love coats lol I think it’s because I didn’t need them before .
The only sad thing is because I haven’t practiced for over three years I couldn’t re-register as a nurse . I think in a couple of months I might have been fit enough to nurse again . Still one door closes another opens , and I might do a return to practice ? Who know . How are you all ?

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