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Hi Simon

Woo hoo, the time is coming round so quickly isn’t it?

Ramekin size is perfect. You are so organised – a very good sign.

I had my surgery eight years ago so some of the guidelines have changed. However, I think some suggestions are pretty much universal.

I started off with cheesy mash made with low fat cheese. Lots of protein and calcium and very easy to digest. Then I started to semi puree vegetables into it. Porridge has been my saving grace for 8 years as it is so delicate on the digestive system. I still have it every day. Then I went onto minced meat – the lower the fat content the better – and ended up with various dishes like Shepherd’s pie but with differing ingredients.

I found after a while that I couldn’t tolerate meat (I have never eaten pork or fish) so became a vegetarian and only use quorn now. It’s fantastic if you can get used to it as there is never any gristle. The other thing I had to give up is rice – just won’t stay down. I can eat pasta so no big deal.

These two books are worth buying:

As is signing up for regular recipes. The books cover foods at every single stage of wls. They were my bibles in the beginning!

My only piece of advice would be – try to cook as much as you can from scratch. You will know exactly what is in your food and there will be no nasty ‘surprises’ to cause dumping syndrome. Also, keep your food as loose as possible in the early days while everything is healing and settling down. Go to each stage gradually. Don’t be tempted to rush it.

I’m SO excited for you Simon 🙂

Doodah x

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