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Hi all.

Just thought I would pop in and say hello and to find out if any of you newbies are worrying about your first holiday away after weight loss surgery.

It can be quite scary when you go abroad for the first time after wls. My first trip was to Corfu (it was actually Ireland but I’m not sure that counts as I have been so many times?) and the trickiest bit was – eating at the airport and on the plane!

As we all know, the food in Greece is almost always healthy so I stuck to salad. Feta, goats, mozzarella and a very small amount of Parmesan made up most of my meals but for non veggies, Greece is heaven. Everything is cooked slowly and is super tender. I was never refused a tiny portion and when I was given bottled water that I didn’t drink, I got to take it back with me.

I think a first post wls holiday abroad should be carefully considered. My thinking was – no long haul, nice and warm (always cold, even now!) and a country where freshly prepared food was the norm. I thought that if I went somewhere that I felt was ‘familiar’ food wise, I would not be stressed about it. That’s why I chose Corfu. Not only is Greek food healthy but Corfu has a very Italian ‘feel’ to it and I am lucky enough to be able to eat pasta with no problems

Anyway, I’d love to hear all about any plans you have this summer. I know Chris had a really epic trip abroad this year which proves that wls doesn’t have to be restricting in any way at all. In fact, the complete opposite is true. Now where is that Lake Garda brochure…….?

Doodah x

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