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Re: 7 months

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Kimberly wrote:
7 months toady life changing and transforming WLS . I lost 71% of my excess weight which is 6 stone today . I’m off most of my meds I’m also trying to see if I need my BP med with GP support , I’m taking my BP at home and it’s look g good so far . So I just might be on thyroxine ( that for life ) aspirin and maybe cholesterol meds plus if course the multi vitamins we all have to take . What I can do is amazing eg I went to the gym on Tuesday did 20 min cardio and I started to run on the treadmill 1/2 minutes at a time . Let’s remember folk they did say my heart was too poorly for surgery this time last year . Then I did 30 minutes weight . Because it’s important to keep muscle when losing weight helps burn calories . I then did an aqua arobic class . I found aqua really helped me get into exercising . At tea time I did a Pilates class . I done 5/6 and would recommend this exercise it help build up core muscles and I can feel my self getting stronger . They have some wonderful stretches , get this I can do the pigeon stretch ( have a look on you tube ) and that from a lady who couldn’t get off the flour a year ago paint my toe nails or clean my windows . Apparently in very flexible , I never knew that ! . My BMI was 50 it’s now 32 so not much more and I will then fall into the over weight category amazing . I be honest I loved to get to a BMI of 24/ 25 but the dietitian think I should aim for late 20 . And as we only guarantee to lose 70% of our excess weight any thing else from this should be seen as bonus . What a journey it’s been and how thankful I am to all of you who helped me on this amazing journey

You have had amazing results, what you can see is amazing enough before you even start on the unseen effects. You so deserve what is happening to you! Your kindness, support and friendship to all is always appreciated! X

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