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Re: 7 months

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Just out of hospital , I said I felt rough and was over doing it . But Fridays had bad stomach cramp s though oh no not wind again took buscopan and some pain meds the hospital px in July . Luckily I had run out and needed to see out of hour GP . I am walking over double at a this point . I ask for some more tramadole . And she convinced me and my hubby to see a surgical team as the pain was low down to high for wind . This is on Saturday . They didn’t think I had appendicitis but bloods showeds I had an infection . My pain wasn’t typical for appendicitis . Long and the short had a CT scan Monday and yes appendicistits . In fact when the operated it was Nasty big abcess and small bowel adhesions so they took some of my small bowel away but you got loads anyway .Really scary post op but don’t want to keep going over it as frightens me .
Whilst they were their they took a look at my bypass and said it was lovely no problems , no hernias or any twisted bowels yeah streamline love you loads .
Seriously why I’m posting is we must be careful not every tummy pain ,cramp is related to our bypass I had been having twinges for a few months but thought I was over doing exercise , wind . Ect . I have problems understanding this new body and my base line for what normal is really low . So when I’m ill I feel a hundred percent better than before my bypass . Thank goodness I have had WLS it scares me to think how I would have managed this crisis with a body that was so unwell , thank you again for saving my life . Ps I’m still a bit high on the anaesthetics and pain meds so this could be all over the place lol and have I lost any weight this week being on clear fluids for three day taking a bit out of my body NO . That’s just rude he he whops still a bit high

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