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Re: 7 months

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9 months today yeah 7 stone loss . And it feels wonderful , not just being able to wear nice clothes but just being healthy . It’s been such a long time were I can actually say I’m well . As you know I been working slowly with my GP support through my list of medical diagnosis ticking them off one at a time . Asthma .which was uncontrollable ( very scary) I’m only on a blue reliever just if I need it with a virus. Well I had a chest infection and needed antibiotics but didn’t need my inhaler.
Im now off my blood pressure tablets as my BP is within normal range . I’m off my heart meds because my BP is normal . I just been signed off the sleep apnoea clinic as my episodes are within normal range I don’t have to sleep with that mask on any more .
One thing I have noticed just my internal perception of my physical health is a bit off key . I struggle when I’m unwell physically to know when I need to go and see my GP . It’s because when I’m not well I feel so much better than I was before WLS ! Eg I had a cold and was coughing , my husband and friend made me go to the GP but I though I just had a virus and they were fussing , infact I did I have a chest infection and neede antibiotics . I noticed this happen a couple of times . I thought I was just a little constipated but I had a UTI . On my bucket list is to reduce my prescription medication down to just thyroxine and an a aspirin ( thins the blood ) I still have a doggy heart valve but I knew
wls wouldn’t fix that , but I’m pushing back that surgery into the future . I feel like Lazurus it’s amazing really in only 9 months , thank you streamline Team . You really have given me my life back

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