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Re: 7 months

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@Kimberly 32809 wrote:

Well I just going to give my self some of my own advice . Rest and heal .
I have found it hard to recover from this second surgery it’ was 5 weeks on Friday that I had my appendectomy and also they took out some more small bowel due to adhesions . I be a year of my bypass on the 28 of this month . . And honestly I’m still very tired and having to go to bed at 9 in the evening . My energy levels are really low . I tried going back to the gym but iit was exhausting . I think I didn’t appreciate how much two surgery has effected me .so I’m going to rest and heal

Very glad to hear it Kim.

I think we all forget just how much surgery can take out of us – especially those of us of a certain age and female! I guess all we can do is listen to our bodies. Some people bounce back after surgery like they had a splinter removed and others take months and months. Neither is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’, it’s just how we are.

I have noticed, however, that those who eat good amounts of protein seem to fare better. For many of us, keeping our protein levels topped up can be quite difficult.

So, Kim, take your own advice and listen to your body. It has worked SO hard for you this past year that it needs to be rewarded with a nice little holiday 😉

Doodah x

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