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@Donna O 22422 wrote:

Hi everyone it’s been a while since I’ve been on ,I have been extremely busy ,I make and decorate cakes from home had so many to do lol.Things have been going really well I had my by pass 6 months ago now ,I’ve lost over 8 stone ,I still have about 4 stone to loose to reach my own personal goal although the dietician thinks I will loose more.Life is so much easier since loosing weight I can do so many more things ,I still get tired and I have bad dizzy spells ,and I’m constantly cold lol but a small price to pay I’m currently seeing the dr who is thinking of prescribing vit b 12 injections ,as mine is very low.apart from these few problems life is so much better I have no regrets I just wish I had done it sooner .hope everyone else is well x

Entirely agree with you about setting a realistic goal for yourself. Nothing worse than setting one you can’t reach/maintain. Chris Pring said as much in a seminar the other week. About the importance of reaching a healthy weight rather than an ‘ideal’ one so well done YOU!


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