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Re: 5 months post op and going down hill rapidly. please help!

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@MissJones86 30563 wrote:

Hi everyone, I had a phone call yesterday from st richards to make an appointment to see dietician I’m March but the lady is getting the dietician to give me a ring on Thursday with I’m really pleased with. My eating has been better I’ve been having plain basic foods for example tonight’s meal was half chic breast, hand full of pasta and some low fat coleslaw. I’ve cut the choc and crisps but am struggling with healthy quick snacks any ideas? I’m really disappointed in myself that I aloud myself to start eating the chocolate and crisps again but it’s my own fault and I’ve only made it more difficult for myself but I determined to sort myself out. I been given this wonderful gift and I shouldn’t be taking it for granted.

Also had some exciting news. My godmother is going to pay for any surgery I need breast lift, tummy tuck etc…I’m overwhelmed at the craziness of everything that’s going on at the moment and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to have cosmetic surgery. Has anyone has any done themselves and does anyone know of the best place to go. Obviously not having anything yet as if still got about 4stone to go but I don’t really know anything about post weight loss surgury.

Thank you all for your help and encouragement it really does mean a lot to me.

Tori x

Hi Tori

Glad you are feeling more positive and in control again. You have taken a huge step towards your future success by being brave enough to admit that you are struggling and asking for help.

Healthy snacks usually include things like chopped salad, fruit or veggies and (for my part) nuts and seeds. Rice cakes are good too as they require lots of chewing so force you to eat slowly.

Wow you really do have a fairy godmother don’t you!!? I had a tummy tuck in 2012 and am delighted with it. I had mine with Mr Nicholas Bennett down here in Hampshire. Cosmetic Surgery | Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester, Petersfield, Hampshire, West Sussex | Spire Portsmouth Hospital

Depending on where you live, there is also the McIndoe centre with whom we work in conjunction. They are a super team and very, very friendly and supportive.

McIndoe Surgical Centre | About Streamline Surgical – The Fat Doctors

Keep up the good work and be kind to yourself ok?

Doodah x

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