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Re: 5 months post op and going down hill rapidly. please help!

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@MissJones86 30357 wrote:

I had my operation back in July at St Richards hospital, Chichester. I got a phone call about 3days after I got home, had my 6 week post open check at 10 weeks and I’ve just had a letter to see the dietician but am going to request to see someone closer to home as its a 4 hour drive. Apart from that I have had no contact with anyone. The amount of times I rung them up to discuss what food I could eat etc just to be transferred to someone else is ridiculous, I gave up trying to contact someone in the end.

Should I be having 1 piece of bread/toast or 2 and should I be having half chic breast with potatos and veg or go with the small whole piece I’ve been having? It’s the simplest of things. I used to feel stuffed so I knew when to stop but for the past month or so I haven’t been getting that uncomfortable feeling of full until I stop myself thinking I have I eaten too much. I really don’t want to stretch my pouch so I’m going to go back to the smaller portions but I’ve just no clue at what portions I should be having. As with the sweet stuff and crisps I’m going to try cutting that out completely as I think that is the reason I’m not having any weight loss, I strange as it seems I wish I dumped on them but the only thing I get is I feel sick for the day if I have too much freeze like a bacon sandwich or omelette.

Thank you for you replys it’s helped tremendously to know there is support on here if needed so thank you so much.

Tori x[/QUO

Hi again Tori and happy new year to you.

I have to agree with Paul and say that your portions and choice of foods appear to be incorrect. The team at Chichester are first class so I’m surprised that you feel you have not had enough support from them. If you cannot get through on the phone, drop them an email and maybe ask for another post op eating booklet if you have misplaced yours.

Please find the links to Carol Ball’s ‘Return to Slender’ bariatric cookery books and to her bariatric portion plate. Both are of enormous help. I use Carol’s plate every single day and I’m 5 years post surgery!

I think you know in your heart that eating chocolate and crisps is the wrong thing to do. Not only will it stop you losing weight and breaking old eating habits, it will just store up trouble with the future as it is so bad for you – especially crisps.
Go back to basics. Start again with a fresh new attitude for the new year! Keep in touch.

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