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Re: 4 weeks Post OP tomorrow. help please!

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@dannybrighton 33247 wrote:

I cannot believe four weeks have gone by since my gastric bypass an operation that like everybody on here I suspect I was half excited and half terrified about having. First of all I would like to once again thank Mr Guy Slater and the whole team on the Chichester Suite and the Loxwood Centre for the amazing care I received THANK YOU!! Four weeks have gone by and already I feel better as my breathing is back to normal and even if I am still having to use the C PAP machine to sleep at night I really feel like I sleep so much better, but the major difference is that I have not taken my four blood pressure tablets since the day before the surgery and having had my BP checked by my GP at the moment it remains “normal”. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Another huge difference is the obvious..the amount of food I am managing to eat. I am still on the puree stage of the post op diet so I am following the menus from the hospital and I am having 2 ice cubes of protein and one of veg or mash potatoes and also the “snacks” which for me they are mainly “Laughing cow light” triangles like they gave me in hospital. The weight is coming off at a steady pace since the start of the milk diet on 3rd January and today I have lost 4ST 4LBS and since the actual op I have lost 2ST 4LBS I am very pleased so far and I look forward to be able to see the difference myself and eventually the new me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The reason why I feel I need help is because I am forever worrying about stretching the pouch or that I have stretched it already as since coming home from the hospital I have been reading and hearing people always talking about “the feeling of fullness” and how they have to be careful and drink sips only but I am able to take 2-3 normal sips in one go and NOT feel “the fullness” and even when I am eating I eat very slow and a teaspoon of puree food at a time and sometimes I feel a little bit uncomfortable for a few seconds and I always know when to stop eating but do not feel “the fullness” but NEVER feel hungry either, the hunger feeling has completely gone for the moment and often I get to 2pm and realise I have not had lunch yet. Am I worrying to much? does anyone else feel like me?

Sorry for rambling on! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh wow, you have done so well, you must be so proud of yourself and also so so grateful to Guy Slater. I do hope that when I have my operation I am as successful as you. Obviously I cannot answer your question as I am still a fatty waiting for her op. Take care and it sounds like you are doing brilliantly.

Lelly x

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