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Re: 4 weeks post bypass, best thing I have done!!

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@Sparklepumpkin 28886 wrote:

So, I just wanted to post this because pre-op when doing a TON of research I was so terrified from all the horror stories I had read, that. Wanted to share my story.

So pre op I had a BMI of 39 I am 28, and my surgery was done by Mr Somers at Spire Havant. I would also like to add that gastric bypass is very much a very individual thing and everyone’s story is different.

Like I said pre op I had started to become totally obsessed with researching this operation, and had really prepared myself for the long hard struggle ahead. I had met up with fellow bypassers that had prepared me for the depression that will follow post op, and how I will feel isolated etc. well preparing myself for all of this was the best thing I could have done, because I can honestly say (touch wood) that up until now this has been easier than I could’ve imagined. For me the worst part of the operation was the wind pain, you can not imagine how painful it can be to need a fart ;-). But after about a week post op I was up and about and feeling good. Ok I was a bit more tired than normal, and you feel like you have been re born because trying different foods is so new and scary. That part is quite taxing as it is so scary trying food. My first weeks was amazing I lost 9lbs, then BAM next week I out on a pound, I was gutted. But my dietitian was amazing and explained that it is normal. I lost so much in my first week because of loosing the swelling from my op and also due to being in starvation mode from milk diet, and also because the swelling had gone down for the first time in 3 weeks my body was taking in more food then it knew what to do with!.

I have followed my plan, and it has moved quite quickly discharged on mashed, then by week 3 was allowed to eat most things. My saving grace is I have always been a slow eater, so chewing my food has been no problem, and have only got food stuck once (which was bloody painful).

I was 18st 2lbs when I started I am now 16st 5lbs. I just wanted to to let all the people considering this operation, and doing their research, that I don’t even feel like I have had a bypass, i feel like the same old me but happier and healthier. I haven’t felt low and I can eat whatever I like, I haven’t tried any junk food and I pretty much follow a slimming world diet, albeit very small portions. I have always been able to drink fluids freely. Actually was scared in my first week I had no restriction with soups etc, but that’s just because they slide food. Once on solids you can really feel the restriction. I am able to take my multi vitamins fine and get all my proteins and fluids in. I really think having a good bariatric team helps, and they have been there to help me every step of the way.

Hannah xx

Hi Hanna

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to post this as it will be so good for any new people to read – especially if they are having their surgery pretty soon. Secondly, congratulations on a truly magnificent start to your weight loss journey and thirdly, thanks for the giggle about the farting haha! (what’s even funnier is that I just made a mistake typing ‘farting’ and google chrome corrected it lol.)

You are living proof that if you go into this with your eyes WIDE open, the whole experience is not half as bad as you think it will be. I’m not sure who was telling you that you would feel depressed and isolated as that certainly is not the norm. Ok, you get a bit of post op blues but almost everyone I have met has said that soon wears off when the weight starts to drop off – regularly. And STAYS off.

The team down at Spire Havant are great. I had my tummy tuck there and they were just incredible. From the wonderful surgeon, Mr Nicholas Bennett, to the chap who brought me my tea. Couldn’t fault them. I think that is where Streamline excel – the dedication of their staff and the aftercare are second to none.

So, you are off to a flying start. Am so pleased for you and can’t wait to hear all about the next stages. Thanks again for sharing such a positive and honest post.

Doodah x

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