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Re: 4 days post op – my experience

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@Buzz 15564 wrote:


Can you bottle it? I jest just to put a little light on a somewhat embarrasing problem…
Imagine if we all saved it. we could make a mint on trumpy gas….. might be good for turbos….

Otherwise sweetheart it is natural, smile and make fun of it, hopefully it will ease before you blow your pants off…
My dogs disown me everytime…. and even occasionally check their own does make me giggle but then bottom burps have always been my humour….

I wont mind if you trump… I and a lot of others will join you…. in a trump fanfare…..

Keep smiling…. Its only gas…. created by your stomach which is now trying toadjust to the new rules…..

A belly rebelion…..

Hopefully this reply is taken in the context it is written with a smile on my face and one brewing….LMSAO.

Buzz xxx

Buzz you make me laugh with every post……keep ’em coming (trumps and all lol) xx

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