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Re: 3 months on

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@ali’smum 29475 wrote:

Hi – sorry I have been so silent recently. Now 3 months since bypass and feeling great. Have dropped 5 dress size. Luckily I have loads of smaller clothes in the loft which I kept as my weight increased! Not taking any meds for diabetes – don’t miss the injections at all. I can’t thank Guy Slater and the team in Chichester enough. I have been given my life back. I won’t say I’ not having a few problems – can’t seem to tolerate rice and orange juice but all in all can now eat most things but very much smaller portions. Am in a very happy place.

Thank you SO MUCH for coming back to tell us how you are doing! Not having to inject must be like being released from a prison sentence. In fact, being obese is a prison sentence in itself isn’t it? Doesn’t it feel wonderful to finally be free?

Guy Slater is a wonderful surgeon and a lovely person. He is lucky enough to work alongside a superb team at St Richard’s too. Of course, I am entirely biased as I had my bypass there (with Shaw Somers.)

I still cannot eat rice five years post op. but you know what? It is hardly a bother at all. I have couscous instead now 😉

Well done on your success. Mr Slater would be the first to say that it is all team work – and you are the captain!

Doodah x

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