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Re: 2nd day post op

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Isn’t it weird how we all end up LONGING to empty our bowels and want to sing the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ when we do haha! We literally do turn into our own new parents! Feeding, burping, weaning, checking for poops etc. You have to laugh don’t you? So long as we stop short of pinching our own cheeks and saying ‘Who’s the most beautiful baby in the whole world?’ lol!

Tiredness can be an issue very early on which is why I always ask everyone to be kind to themselves. Do only what you have to for YOU. Housework can wait as can most other things. Pay attention to what is absolutely necessary – plump cushions and an immaculately tidy cutlery drawers do not fall into this category!

Onwards and downwards 😀

Doodah x

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