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Re: 2 weeks post band and no whieght loss ? Help

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@Trayg 31952 wrote:

Hi all I’m two weeks in and just gone onto mushy foods but I’m scared cos I feel like I could really eat ?!! I’m defiantly fuller quicker but I haven’t lost any thing since having band ? All I have been having is slim fast and soup ? Just started to have mushy weetabix and egg ? What am I doing wrong or am I expecting too much ? Xx

Hi Trayg

Can I please ask where and with whom you had your surgery? I only ask this as different surgeons/providers give their own recommendations – suited to the patient. I have never heard of anyone having slim fast.

As for weight loss – everyone is different and, as you probably already know, the band works more slowly than a bypass in the initial stages and gives a smaller, steadier loss in the main. However, I’m not a clinician and, therefore, not qualified to give clinical advice. It’s also worth remembering that you might still be swollen internally and are yet to have a fill.

It’s very, very early days so please don’t worry. If you follow the guidelines you have been given and do your best- it will happen.

Doodah x

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