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Re: 2 months post op

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As now nearly 16 months post bypass, I have been all through what you are going through the now. First the weight just drops off you and then it slows down, then you will find that it will drop off again. Don’t worry about it, it is just the way your body copes with the drastic weigh lost and as said you will find that you will be loosing inches instead. I still struggle to eat my snacks as I was never someone who ate in between meals when I was big,(just ate really big meals lol), now what I do do is make sure my main meals have everything in them what the body needs ie protein etc and if I do snack maybe after I have been to the gym or exercising at home and I have just started to power walk I will have a banana and lots of fluid. Had my annual blood check done a few weeks agao and all was good so like Katy I must be doing something right. I have now lost nearly 11 stones and the weight lost has really slowed down and I am fighting for every pound that I lose, it has taken me from April to last week to lose 7lbs but I really don’t mind that as I have only about a stone and a half to go and I will be where I want to be and for the first time in my life I can truely say with my hand on my heart that I will do it. So don’t be disappointed and dishearten, think of how far you have come so far and you are only at the start of this amazing journey, it will only get better.
Elaine xx

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