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Re: 1st day of 7 on milk diet

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Hi jo
The headaches are common, been told this is down to sugar withdrawal, ( not sure if it’s true, but made sense to me).
I did feel hungry most of the time, but just kept sipping on water. And it did pay off, a 12 lb loss to start my journey. Since being out i’ve lost another 6/7 lbs, ( depending on the scales….. Ha ha). I am pleased, but i cant lie, i did think it would be slightly more, cos my intake is lower then the liver diet. So i guess your head tells you , the less you eat, more should come off……. But my body has different ideas.

Found myself eating 2 biscuits yesterday, so the willpower has to kick in now….. So much better then i was before thou, so i’m just thinking each little step will help in the long term goal. ( the old days i would eat at least 2 choc bars , and 2 bags of crisps, plus the high cal/fat dinner)….. So hopefully it will start to move again soon.

Keep up the good work, another day has nearly gone…… Positive, positive my friend.
Heidi x

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