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Re: 1st appointment with consultant

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@natclaire33) 32254 wrote:

I not sure when it will be, but a friend of mine who originally spoke to Nick Carter seems to think it may be fairly quick! the nurse practitioner said that I could go back to work after two weeks!!!! I won’t be doing that as the theatre I work in has alot of awkward equipment to move at times and we also lift some of the small children from the op table to the trolley, I allready told the GP I will be coming to see him to get a sick certificate , he said fine see you then. When I do have the op the nurse said I will probably be in hospital for about three days ( one bonus is that as hospital staff I get alot of the TV for free) hope to see you at the next group meeting

Two weeks! In your job? Hmmmm. I think the average is about 4-6, depending on what you do for a living. You just take the time you need my lovely. You might not be in for three days though. Some people go home the next day and some stay for the full three. I stayed in for three because I had an open bypass and my gall bladder removed at the same time. By the second week I felt absolutely fine. However, and I cannot stress this enough, we are all different. We each have to work to our own body’s needs.

Getting really excited for you now Nat 🙂

Doodah x

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