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Re: 1st appointment with consultant

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So pleased all went well and that you are a step further on on the journey. I look forward to further updates as you go. For me, as the date of my surgery approached, I was wracked with doubts and anxiety. Stupidly I didn’t talk about them on this forum or indeed with anyone. I think bottling it up contributed towards me being an emotional wreck whilst I was in hospital. So if my opinion is worth anything, I’d say no matter what you are feeling about your wls, talk to people.

In relation to time off work, I had a bypass so recovery time may be different with a sleeve, but I was told not to lift anything heavier than a couple of pounds for 6 weeks. Difficult to do because I think my handbag sometimes weighs more than that!! I was off work for 3 weeks and I’m in an office based sedentary role, but having read experience of others on this forum, some have been off less and some more. I suppose you just have to listen to your body and see how you go.

Chris x

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