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Re: 1st appointment with consultant

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Hi Natclaire,

I am one of those “recently done” to use Doodah’s expression so I’ll tell you what I know.

I had my assessment in February and this consisted of firstly a consultation with the specialist nurse. I was weighed and height taken, blood pressure, oxygen levels etc and a full medical history taken. I seem to recall that I had been emailed some forms to fill in and take with me but the whole thing was gone through again at the appointment,

Then I saw the psychologist, this was just a talk through my history with food and anything else major in my past as well as a talking about the psychological impact of wls. I think this is a really important aspect to the package of care to make sure we are approaching the surgery for the right reasons and prepared for what will happen in the short and long term. For me, there was an issue as my Father had died 2 months previously and the concern was that I had recovered from the bereavement sufficiently to proceed with life changing surgery. Or, as my son put it, to make sure I wasn’t just having a mid life crisis as a result of my Dad’s death. (I wasn’t, as it happens).

Following that, there was a consultation with the dietitian, this outlines the pre-op diet and the post op diet in the various stages, as well as what we can expect from wls and how to eat in the long term.

Finally, I spoke to the surgeon who asvised about how the procedure is undertaken, what I can expect, the risks and the benefits.

I found it useful to keep a pen and paper to hand in the weeks before the consultation so that anything I thought of that I had to ask could be jotted down, otherwise I’d forget. The more research you can do, the better equipped you will be.

Anyway following the consultation, my bypass went ahead on 22nd April so I’m now on the other side. All is well, I’m managing on the pureed diet and keeping my fluids up and walking as much as I can. I have been back at work this week and that has gone ok too.

Let is know how your appointment goes

Chris xx

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