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Re: 18 Months Deliberating – Now booked the Bypass!!!!

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Right up until the day of my surgery I was thinking ‘do I really want to ‘mutilate’ my insides in such a way that Ill never feel ‘normal’ again. My family, especially my sister and my eldest son, were very worried and said they didnt want me to have it done. I adore food, I dont eat for comfort, I eat (or ate) because I simply love eating and never feel satisfied. The thing is, my weight was stopping me enjoying everything else life has to offer. Yes, its major surgery, but think of the bad things all that excess weight is doing to your body, and the possibility of having to have joint replacements, diabetes, possibly even heart problems if you dont do something about it – theres also the fact that you may even be refused that treatment because you are too overweight (that happened to me). Thats far worse than having a bypass!!
Im almost 5 weeks post op now, the time has flown – I have no pain, didnt even need paracetamol in hospital and the staff of Streamline are WONDERFUL! Im a bit fed up with soup but at 5 weeks Im now able to have more options foodwise, each day gets a little better. It isnt easy at all, and I do worry that once the honeymoon period is over Ill start to overeat again, but half the battle is recognising when you are, getting help, and as Stilltryingsohard is doing, NEVER EVER give up.
The bypass is a fantastic tool for helping you to shed a lot of weight, I dont regret having it for a moment – I have the odd craving for things I can no longer eat but they pass, its not your body craving them, its your brain, and thats the hardest thing to train unfortunately. You will learn and be amazed that your body actually needs very little to survive and function normally. You are perfectly normal in having doubts, we all do, but Ive not heard of a single person (and Ive read hundreds of forums, blogs etc) who regrets having it done. Its the kindest thing to do for yourself if you are obese – god I hate that word ‘obese’! Even if you dont lose all of your excess weight, what you do lose will improve your life and health such a lot and there is so much support out there if you need it. Concentrate on all the positives of losing weight and they far outweigh the negative things like getting bored with soup for a few weeks!! Its a small price to pay for years of being healthier and happier.
Im rambling now LOL……good luck hon, we are all here for you.
Jules xxx Oh, and by the way, I feel perfectly ‘normal’ and in no way mutilated LOL !! 🙂

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