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Re: 18 Months Deliberating – Now booked the Bypass!!!!

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chubby girl

Hi stilltryingso hard. I have just read your message twice. thank you so much for taking the time. Im very similar to you now -weight wise amd bmi wise – and thats one of my other problems – i dont feel fat enough for the bypass but Marco assured me at the presentation that i was!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that put me in my place. I am going to chat to two people over the weekend – one person from this wonderful forum and also a nanny ive placed who’s had it, and hopefully they can put my mind to rest!!!!

I know I need the op and im sure I will reap the benefits but I know my mother would be horrified and the fact I dont want to tell her also worries me – am i ashamed of this? im normally up front about everything and if i know something is right i will fight tooth and nail to get people to agree with me. With this I know I will agree with all her reservations!!!!!!!!!!

Im a gemini which doesnt help – we change our minds left right and centre anyway!! I felt so sure of this last week and now Im not at all – bizarrely following the pre op when Elaine was lovely but its the paperwork thats filled me with reservation.

I dont want to eat soup out of a ramekin !!!!!!!! Oh I shall just take my confused self off to bed. Can anyone tell me if this level of uncertainty is normal or whether it means I shouldnt go ahead??? Answers on a postcard ……….xxxxx

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