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Re: 18 Months Deliberating – Now booked the Bypass!!!!

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thank you because whenever i post it is ALWAYS with total honesty as I wish that I had had such honest info pre op.
I want to say up front though whatever I say is ONLY MY OWN experience and everyone reacts and therefore loses stops and even gains weight post bypass at different rates.
In time your small pouch will stretch again approx 18 months out then you can eat bigger portions again
Also dumping syndrome stops so sweets fats etc can be introduced this can slow and stop and even reverse weight loss
which although still eating small amounts you can do it all day long therefore intake too many calories SAME AS BEFORE
THese wonderful surgeons ONLY OPERATE on the anatomy NOT THE MIND-and with most compulsive obese over eaters its
another hunger we are trying to fill with food.
I overate to self soothe myself from loneliness
food was my comfort
now my biggest problem is figuring out WHAT do I do and HOW do I cope when food is no longer there???
Also I really thought i would be able to lose ALL my excess weight but actually although some do a lot of ”morbidly obese” patients often stop at 100lbs and still have 100=150lbs to lose and my self I still have to diet strictly or I gain weight
and I am still 18st with a bmi of 40
its not easy I am 27 months out now
I would NEVER have a band again though.
Strict diet excersize and vitamins EVERYDAY for the rest of my life
but without bypass I would be dead as I was almost 31st and bmi of almost 70
It is very hard when you see people who had a bypass just a few months ago and already have lost more than me after slogging away for 27 months
but you just have to remember WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT
and I watch with interest 5 6 7 years out and see what the long term results are
you will notice no one posts who is that far out?????
My friend has a 17 year old daughter who is having surgery soon
and Im horrified for her cause I know I couldnt have lived like this with this level of willpower from teens 20’s 30′ 40’s
I am 50 now and menopausal so that probably doesnt help my weight loss either
Iguess what i am trying to dsay is that if I ate what I can eat(& and often WANT to eat) as the desire for foods dont go away-well actually they do in first 18 months then they return and if i ate what I can now
I would gain approx 1 st per month
and that scares me shitless xxx

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