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Re: 13kg off on milk diet, op in 30 mins!

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@londonmag 25955 wrote:

Thanks all, sitting and waiting for purée porridge this am as first food after soups yesterday, then yoghurts and soups at home…. Only issue so far is dressings coming off, all other things good!
Nervous though about next few months but on way!!

Keith you haven’t said if your bypass was open or laprascopic? I had a laproscopic bypass the dressings were changed the day I left hospital 5 tiny neat scars, no problems having the dressings taken off, they were re-dressed and I was given more to take home to do. The only problem I couldn’t see properly to do them myself, didn’t trust my husband so I took the dressings to doctors surgery and a nurse did them for me although 6 days post op only 2 of the 5 scars needed re-dressing.

I’m quiet used to pureed food now and can actually taste more than I did pre-op, I just don’t make eye contact with my husbands plate. The biggest problem is remembering to eat!

All the best

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