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Re: 12 years on and mixed blessings

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@Big Bob 30644 wrote:

Mr. Somers did my gastric bypass as a private patient at King Edward VII hospital in Midhurst. He did an excellent job and I lost a lot of weight during the subsequent 3 years reducing to a normal weight for my height and build. I found that I could not eat enough to keep my body working hard for 10 hours a day without fainting from hypoglycemia (I’m diabetic Type 2) so I started eating as many chips as I could keep down every lunchtime in order to perform my duties at work. Eventually, of course, I stretched my tiny new stomach pouch until I actually started putting on weight again!
I got an infected diabetic foot ulcer from the steel toecap boots I was required by my employer to wear at work and was soon confined to Southampton General Hospital with granulitis and in order to save the foot my big toe and associated bone and tissue was amputated and a vacuum dressing applied to suck out the poison. I was in bed there for 3 months and eating good quality hospital meals specially made for diabetics. The food was really good, but my weight climbed more as my pouch stretched. I had got into the habit of eating full meals again but I was doing no exercise not being allowed to get out of bed for 3 months.
About 5 years later I decided to go on the strict ‘Paleo Diet’ and by living on nuts and berries and vitamin pills for a year I had shed 5 stones again. It allowed my stomach to shrink down a little and I went back to sensible eating – no bread, no butter or spreads, no milk and no potatoes. My weight continued to fall and I felt fitter than I had in years. From my initial 25 1/2 stone I got down to 14 which was pretty good for my height of 6′ 1″
Then the dreaded foot ulcers returned to mess up my exercise routine. I had been walking up to 5 miles a day in my NHS tailor-made boots and insoles which were supposed to prevent blistering and subsequent ulceration, but one day I walked a bit too far and came home to find one boot full of blood. On my back for another 3 months waiting for it to heal, my weight began climbing again.
Now I’m 19 stones and I don’t seem to be able to summon up the will-power to get back on my diet. I’m 67 now and all I seem to do is eat and sit around waiting for my serial ulcers to heal.
The skin on an ulcer site has only 60% of the strength it had before. If you get an ulcer in the same place again, you only get back 60% of the 60% each time.
I was forced to retire, disabled and now live on Pension Credit Guarantee. No money in the bank, otherwise I might consider a gastric band. My weight doesn’t qualify me for gastric surgery on the NHS so I think I’m at the end of the road, destined to sit here getting fatter and fatter until my heart packs up. Due to my long-standing Atrial Fibrillation and Secondary Hypogonadism I had a stroke in September 2012 which took my left hand. Most of the movement has now returned, but the hand still lacks sensation and strength. I used to go out clay-pigeon shooting but my hand has prevented that since my stroke. I don’t know what to do. My weight has stayed the same for the last 6 months but I would like to shed some more fat – it would lighten the load on my feet.

Hi Bob

My heart truly does go out to you. What a terrible time you have had. But what shines through is your determination not to be ‘beaten’. You are quite remarkable.

Do you know for certain that you would not be able to get a band on your bypass on the NHS? Have you applied? It is my own opinion that you are the type of person who SHOULD qualify as you have done everything you can to help yourself and make your situation better. However, my opinion counts for nothing! If I were you, I would continue fighting for further help. It would give me something to focus on for one thing!

I hope with all my heart that your situation improves and that you don’t regret having your wls.

Doodah x

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