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Re: 12 years on and mixed blessings

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Big Bob

Dear Kimberly, how’s it going? Are you learning to live with your new stomach? I never mastered the art of living with the old one, but I seem to be coping better since the WLS. Mine was open surgery from sternum to navel, and I would have been scared to cough! I suspect yours was done through keyholes, as a more modern procedure, but I expect it still hurts when you cough, having asthma.
There doesn’t seem to be any continuity of thread on this forum, unless it’s that people don’t want to talk to each other. I found your empathy very helpful, as was that of Doodah, but both threads just petered out.
I still haven’t received a reply to the email I sent Shaw Somers asking about a balloon. What’s the point of joining this forum if we don’t communicate?
Doodah is a ‘Senior Member’ so maybe she could give Mr. Somers a shove? She seems to get involved in everybody’s thread.
I hope you’re not letting things get you down,
Kind Regards,
We shall see.

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