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Re: 12 years on and mixed blessings

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Big Bob

Hi Kimberly and thank you for your compassionate response. Your advice is good and I have done those things already, but I always get a boredom attack as soon as I begin the exercise routine and I can always find something much more interesting to do. I have all sorts of other difficulties to deal with including Diabetic Retinopathy, a recent cataract operation, Atrial Fibrillation and the after-effects of the stroke it caused. I diagnosed myself (I believe we must be proactive in our care and not leave everything to our GP) as having Secondary Hypogonadism and my Diabetes Consultant confirmed it with a blood test and asked my GP to treat me with Testosterone Replacement Therapy, so I’m also trying to balance my hormones, which also cause weight gain. My Estrogen (E2 Estradiol) was way too high for several months over the last year but my GP and his Endocrinologist refused to do anything about it so I self-medicated with black-market Aromasin and now my E2 is too low! I’m on an 8-week cycle of Nebido injections and some of the Testosterone in the Nebido aromatises into E2 as a normal bodily process, so I’m waiting for my next blood tests to see if it is back in the ‘normal’ range.
As you can see, Kimberly, my situation is even more dire than at first sight of my thread. But as you rightly say, my weight has been stable for the last 6 months so there’s hope that when my latest foot ulcer has cleared up and the weather gets warmer I should be able to do some walking, which is a very good form of exercise and maybe my weight will start to reduce again. I emailed Mr. Somers to ask if a gastric balloon might be one way forward, but I haven’t been able to discover if this therapy may be used on a bariatric patient. I believe that my stomach is like my skin – it may have lost its elasticity and not be able to shrink back down like it used to when I ate less. A balloon, if possible, might compensate for the lack of elasticity if that is indeed the case.
I hope you are happy with your body, assuming you have been through a process of some sort to be on this forum, or perhaps you are contemplating it at this stage? Diet and exercise if performed sensibly are obviously the best way to go, but some of us find it too difficult for various reasons. Mine are psychological in the most part. I was always a ‘comfort=eater’ so I now have to try to be a comfort-dieter 🙂

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