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Re: 12 years on and mixed blessings

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Big Bob

Dear Doodah (I love your sparkling nameplate!) thank you very much for your kind words of support. I actually emailed Mr. Shaw Somers asking him if a gastric balloon might be possible because it’s not invasive like a gastric band. I await his reply. Once I know if a balloon is or isn’t recommended I can approach the NHS to try to get it done.
I really like the sympathetic vibes I get from you and Kimberley – perhaps with your help I can lose the weight the hard way. I certainly don’t regret having my wls, I think it saved my bacon! Although if you have read my reply to Kimberley you will have seen that I almost wasted all of Mr. Somers hard work. I’m glad I’m alive – it’s just a mater of coming to terms with the ‘quality of life’ expectations. I particularly miss my vanished libido but I’m working on getting my hormones in balance with the help of my GP and perhaps a sensible amount of libido could return.
I’m not giving up again, not just yet! 🙂
Be proactive in your own healthcare is my advice to everybody who will listen, but I’m an old flatulence and people rarely take any notice.
By the way, my wife and I are Buddhists (she is Thai and born Buddhist) and we know we get another try at this, as opposed to your quoted view of Joss Whedon.
You are a very sensitive and perspicacious lady and I hope you stay focused (isn’t that a strange word – I always think it should be spelt focussed).
Lots of Luck to you,

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