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Re: 12 week band check up.

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well done on your weight loss so far Hides !, I am 11 days away from having my band done at gatwick spire, am currently on the pre-op diet, not milk diet as i dont drink milk, so reading your updates are soo valuable to me along with the other excellent posts on here.

I know how you feel about the exercise ! i,m awfull my husband always says to me that I would drive around the aisles in asda if i could !! but starting with a walk is excellent, a cardiac rehab friend of mine started with 5 mins a day, then 10 mins etc and is walking 5 miles now without any problem, gradual build up with regularity is important i feel..

as for the girlie holiday how exciting ! you will feel so much fitter and more confident which will boost your self esteem so much there will be no stopping you ! would love to know what you are managing to eat in a typical day

best wishes


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