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Re: 10% nightmare

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@Mariposa 33804 wrote:

Hello everyone, I am new member of this forum and would like to thank you for accepting me in this group.

I am trying to get refferal for the surgery from around one year now.I am 1.70cm weighting 121kg and BMI nearly 41.
I am visiting gastroenterologist for the last year regarding my weight managment. She told me that I need to lose 10 % of my current weight to be taken under consideration for the surgery. I have type 2 diabetes, (on Metformin twice a day) as well as hepatitis B (from 8 years now- my liver functions are not getting better despite treatment,and due to me being heavily overweighted I started developing fatty liver ) Earlier I have been diagnosed with diabetic nephropathy- kidney disease) . My blood pressure is fine for now (but have a long family history with high BP issues-mum,grandmum,great granddad …) Both medications-for diabetes and hep b are having negative impact on my kidneys,but I have no choice but take them.
I am struggling with my weight since my son was born 8 years ago. I have tried absolutely everything to lose weight- low calorie diet ( I am watching what I eat anyway due to diabetes – I am avoiding sugar and with my liver condition and nephropathy I cant eat anything that is hard to digest- like heavy or fried food as I have strong indigestion and nausea If I do so it is a ,,forced” healthy low fat diet to be honest 🙂 -not only because I want but mostly because I have no choice). I have been at weight watchers, I like swimming,cycling (don’t drive –using my beloved bike wherever I can ), but my weigh is not coming down at all. I realize that it may sound impossible for not be able to lose any weight. I am not looking for an excause to get reffered to an ,,easy fix” surgery. I am aware that surgery is just the beginning in the battle for new life.I have friend who undergone it and I know from the first hand how hard work it is after surgery. It is not a FIX -it is a help.
So, I saw this lady (gastro) already three times and I told her that even though I am really trying hard to get this bloody 10% off -I can’t. her so those 10-12 kg should be gone long long time ago…. It’s been a year since I had my first appointment wit her.She keeps on tellng me that I need to show that I can follow a healthy plan in order to be able to have surgery ,otherwise they won’t accept me. I told her that I am trying ,and if I could lose those 10kg I could also lose all my excess weigh,and I would not be here with her now talking surgery options. I spoke with my GP and she said it may be tricky to lose weight if you have Hep B and with Diabetes on top of this.
I am losing hope on eveything now, the fact that I cant lose those damn 12 kg is depresing me ? … it’s been 8 years I am struggling !!
My question is, do the people who are making decisions about who can have the surgery can consider me at all without this 10% ? Can my GP reffer me directly or does it have to be someone from the weight managment clinic (gastroenterologist I am seeing) ? Please dont make nasty comments as I already feel nasty and pathetic ? TIA … love, Mariposa

Hi Mariposa and welcome to our friendly forum.

Firstly, I can assure you 100% that no one here will make nasty comments to you at any point – EVER. We don’t do negativity or unkindness on this forum. We are truthful, but never mean.

Secondly, please be kinder to yourself! Please don’t feel nasty or pathetic because you are neither. You are someone trying really hard to make a healthier and happier life for herself. So that actually makes you brave and committed. Someone who keeps trying even when all seems to be conspiring against her.

In answer to your question, yes, your GP can refer you directly – mine did. See yours and make sure she/he is aware of how much you are already doing to stay healthy, even though you are fighting so many conditions. You are already proving that you are trying as hard as you can by not giving up the fight for EIGHT years!

Please let us know how you get on, Mariposa (beautiful name by the way) as we will all be rooting for you. Remember, we have all been right where you are now. We understand and want to help and support you. You are not pathetic – you are a fighter.

Doodah x

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