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Re: 10% nightmare

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@Mariposa 33806 wrote:

Doodah, thank You very much for kind words, means a lot for me.
Yes,its been long eight years which are driving me crazy 🙁 . I have lovely GP,who is very smart and really doctor with calling. I will talk to her and see what she will say..
Mariposa (spanish: Butterfly) is not my real name , I just love butterflies 🙂

Well, it’s still a beautiful name. I was at a wedding a few years ago and I met the most beautiful woman from Kenya. She looked like she should be on a catwalk. Her name? Marvellous. How fantastic is that?! Her sisters were called Precious, Blessing and Lovely. Apparently, they didn’t chose names beforehand for the babies and simply named them as soon as they were born, with the emotion they stirred in their parents. BRILLIANT. Wish I’d known about that.

Anyway, my lovely, Doodah is obviously not my real name but a family nickname. I love it. I also love that you feel welcomed here. You really are amongst friends. I have met many, many of the wonderful people on this forum and they are all absolutely brilliant. The support they have given me over the past 3 years (that have been very hard for me on a personal level) has been overwhelmingly incredible. I get to my computer, switch it on, log in here and I feel my shoulders drop and the stress melt away. I couldn’t ask for more. Same as at the support group.

Talk to your GP. Tell her/him how you feel (be really, really honest) and ask for help. It may take some major jumping through hoops but never give up. We are all here to support you – good days and bad.

Have a great day. Head high – you are worth it – you matter – and most importantly of all – be kind to yourself. Put yourself first.

Doodah x

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