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Re: 1 Week Post Op

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@Johnpettet 33301 wrote:

hi all,
I’ve just noticed that my last post didn’t send, apps for you!
so i am a week post op today and feel good, i had a hiatus hernia op at the same time as he found that when doing my op!
first few days i was very tender and had a lot of pain across my chest from the trapped air and the hernia, but today i feel good!

Been drinking smoothie, jelly & soups for the last week!, had some mashed potatoes with whizzed mince all went down well!
From the 24th Jan, I have lost over 2 stone, which I am really chuffed about! i use “my fitness pal” most days to track my eating as i go, its mainly for my weight loss tracker as the graphs show it better than just writing it down!

i have my first fill in 3 weeks and a check up next week, and a few txts from Mr Pring, just to double check i was ok, mainly after the herina op than my band op!
So overall.. All Good!

Hi John

You are doing brilliantly!

Isn’t it fantastic to have a surgeon phoning YOU to see how you are doing? I’m so proud to work for such dedicated people.

I’m very happy that you are beginning to feel more comfortable. My op was a double-up one too! Shaw Somers removed my gall bladder at the same time – best ‘BOGOF’ deal ever lol!

Keep doing what you are doing – it’s working. Are you able to exercise? Gentle walks help a great deal with any trapped wind.However, you will feel the cold more so don’t stay out for too long!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Doodah x

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