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Re: 1 week after my band op

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Hi Adam.

I was on milk diet for a week to Shrink the liver… It helps he surgeon to work on the fitting of the band.

A stone in one week is amazing, I have had good weight loss but a stone in a week is wow….. My diet sheet did mention slimfast shakes and I did get on with them… I still have a slim fast shake and snack bar when I’m working away from the office. I have had three fills so far and the restriction at the moment is just right , if I eat fast of over the top I’m straight in the loo and brining it up. I have list 6 stone since mid July, I work out every day lot of swimming running and just started using weights. I’m not thinking of another fill until my I start to think bout food or my intake starts to increase but I have good control over my intake and eat an healthy option. I have been to several Xmas meals which was a big test. I took the low fat option each time but never could I finish the plate

Take care and keep getting the weight off

Love John cxxxxxx

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