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New Year, New You

It’s almost that time of year where we all consider our New Year’s resolution: invariably losing weight, drinking less and joining a gym! For some people the consideration of weight loss surgery often forms part of their New Year plans.  Knowing where to start and understanding all your options can often be daunting and confusing. […]

Tips to overcome the Christmas eating temptation

The festive season can jeopardise our healthy eating regime and further the temptation to overeat and drink is not limited to one weekend, but an entire month with Christmas parties, work drinks, and not to mention the never-ending supply of office treats throughout. So here are our tips to come out the other side with […]

How Much Time Will I Need Off Work After Weight Loss Surgery?

This kind of weight loss procedure does involve major surgery, which is why it is important to ensure that you allow the correct amount of time to heal properly. Not only do you need the time to heal, but you’ll need to know how much time to take off from work and, in some instances, […]

What Is the Safest Weight Loss Surgery Option?

When considering weight loss surgery, it is important that you know which options are available to you and to get an opinion from professionals who will consider your medical history. The right surgery for you, will likely be the safest option and understanding the potential risks involved will help to ensure that you find the […]

Will I Be Suitable For Weight Loss Surgery?

There are lots of things to consider, other than weight itself, when looking into having weight loss surgery. Other factors are taken into consideration, because there is no set weight; for example, a taller individual will carry more weight comfortably when compared to a shorter individual of the same weight. What to consider before opting […]

Tips to Help You Prepare Mentally for Weight Loss Surgery

When looking into the option of having weight loss surgery, most people will focus on their physical health. Whilst this is an important factor, mental health is a key factor in the success of weight loss surgery because this can affect a person’s eating, exercise, and day-to-day habits. You need to be mentally ready for […]

Exercising After Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is the first step on a patients’ journey to achieving a healthier weight, but not the only one. Whilst the surgery will reduce the appetite of the individual, reduced portion size is not the only way to lose weight and more importantly, keep the weight off in the long term. This is […]

What You Can and Can’t Eat After Gastric Bypass Surgery

When looking into having the Gastric Bypass procedure, individuals need to consider what changes they will need to make to their day to day lives after their weight loss surgery. This leads many people to worry about what they can and can’t eat. Post-surgery, patients are placed in contact with a specialist dietician that will […]

Weight Loss Surgery’s Do’s and Don’ts

We thought it would be helpful for those who are about to undergo weight loss surgery as well as those who are researching to share our guide to weight loss surgery do’s and don’ts… Do try to lose weight pre-surgery Research has found that patients who lose weight during this preparation period tend to lose […]

How Will My Life Change After Weight Loss Surgery?

People often worry about whether weight loss surgery will be worth it and what their life will be like afterwards.  Each type of weight loss surgery will have variations within the recovery process and different short and long term effects. However, the end goal remains the same for all, to help you lose weight. Short-term […]

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