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Tips to Help You Prepare Mentally for Weight Loss Surgery

When looking into the option of having weight loss surgery, most people will focus on their physical health. Whilst this is an important factor, mental health is a key factor in the success of weight loss surgery because this can affect a person’s eating, exercise, and day-to-day habits. You need to be mentally ready for […]

What You Can and Can’t Eat After Gastric Bypass Surgery

When looking into having the Gastric Bypass procedure, individuals need to consider what changes they will need to make to their day to day lives after their weight loss surgery. This leads many people to worry about what they can and can’t eat. Post-surgery, patients are placed in contact with a specialist dietician that will […]

Weight Loss Surgery’s Do’s and Don’ts

We thought it would be helpful for those who are about to undergo weight loss surgery as well as those who are researching to share our guide to weight loss surgery do’s and don’ts… Do try to lose weight pre-surgery Research has found that patients who lose weight during this preparation period tend to lose […]

How Will My Life Change After Weight Loss Surgery?

People often worry about whether weight loss surgery will be worth it and what their life will be like afterwards.  Each type of weight loss surgery will have variations within the recovery process and different short and long term effects. However, the end goal remains the same for all, to help you lose weight. Short-term […]

Benefits of weight loss surgery 1

In a nutshell, weight loss surgery reduces the amount of food a person can eat. It’s not a quick fix or cheat solution and in fact, the weight loss itself begins post operation, which is why we focus on surgery being a tool to aid weight loss. Besides losing weight and delivering an increase in […]

Easter Opening Times

With the long weekend fast approaching, here are the opening times for The Sudbury Clinic. Please note that the head office will be closed on Friday 19th April until 9am on Tuesday 23rd April. If you have a medical query when the office is closed please call 0845 838 5516 Please note there may be a […]

Pregnancy before and after weight loss surgery

The idea of weight loss surgery can be a scary one. Coupling this with concern about the effects of the surgery and worries about subsequently being able to carry a child, can make it worse. On the other hand, if you already have a child and are thinking about bariatric surgery, you probably have a […]

Bariatric tips for Easter

With Easter around the corner it might feel like a challenging weekend to stay on track. With the chocolate temptation everywhere, family meals where you’re not in control of the menu and the general ‘holiday mode’ often associated with food treats can play havoc with your healthy mindset. Firstly, don’t panic and think back to […]

This Morning – Vanessa Feltz

Yesterday TV presenter, Vanessa Feltz, spoken openly about her latest stage on her weight loss surgery journey. Back in October Vanessa appeared on This Morning with Shaw Somers to talk about her experience with a gastric band. Yesterday, Vanessa revealed that she had undergone a gastric bypass surgery in January, while having a surgery to […]

The amazing benefits of exercise

Sometimes we just can’t face making it to the gym or going for that run but in fact, exercising goes beyond weight loss and benefits your mind and body too. So next time you’re debating whether to go, keep these benefits in mind… 1. Long term weight loss Healthy eating and portion control are still […]

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