Spire Weight Loss Surgery Information Evening

Are you looking to have a healthier future? Are you looking for long-term weight loss success? It might be that you are an ideal candidate for weight loss (bariatric) surgery. Weight loss surgery can offer impressive results weight, diabetes, sleep apnoea and a range of other health problems. When considering weight loss surgery, many thoughts and […]

Spring Holiday Fun

For many, the Spring holiday can be a bit of a minefield. There is chocolate everywhere in addition to other cakes, sweets and confectionary. If you are trying to eat healthily, it can be difficult to avoid temptation and make the right choices. Then there is the dreaded ‘Bank Holiday washout’ threat. With the possibility […]

The ‘Tortoise & the Hare’ effect

Many of us will have grown up hearing Aesop’s Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare. For those of you who haven’t or maybe need a little reminder; it is about a race between two creatures that appear to be at opposite ends of the speed scale. In the fable, the Hare races ahead of […]

Healthier food Cheaper than Junk food?

As obesity is on the rise in Britain and there is much debate on what is causing this. One popular belief is that the expense of healthy food is driving poor nutrition and obesity. This week the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) released a study, which compared the prices of a 78 common food and […]

Relationships after weight loss surgery

A very important topic to consider when thinking about weight loss surgery is the changes in relationships throughout your weight loss journey. This could be the relationship you have with yourself or with family and friends. As the months go by and your weight goes down, people will start to notice the changes you have […]

Dining out After Weight Loss Surgery

It is almost time to shake of those winter blues and once again venture out to make the most of the lighter evenings. With this in mind we are dedicating this week’s story to an activity that can seem a bit daunting post-weight loss surgery, eating out. With a little planning and thoughtful ordering you […]

Spring has sprung

This month sees the official start of spring. Minute by minute the days will become longer and warmer; new shoots will push through the soil and lots of us will start planning what we will be planting in our gardens. We will shop for the right tools, buy good quality fertiliser and take great care […]

Dealing with head hunger after bariatric surgery

One of the hardest things to deal with, after weight loss surgery, can be ‘head hunger’. This can also be a common phenomenon for non-bariatric patients. ‘Head hunger’ is an emotional hunger, were as ‘belly hunger’ is a physical hunger. Knowing the difference between head hunger and belly hunger is one thing, but knowing when […]

Bariatric surgery Information evening

Our next weight loss surgery information evening will be held on Thursday 2nd March at Spire Portsmouth from 7pm. The information evenings are an ideal opportunity to find out more about weight loss surgery and to put your questions to our expert team. Expert bariatric surgeon Mr Nick Carter, who specialises in weight loss surgery […]

Socialising after weight loss surgery

When considering weight loss surgery, some people wonder what impact having surgery would have on their home and social lives. Having spoken to some past patients there seems to be a common concern that having weight loss surgery might signal the end of a full social life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We […]