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How long after surgery before I return to work?

This is a discussion on How long after surgery before I return to work? within the The Gastric Bypass Operation forums, part of the Surgical Journey category; hiya all im hoping to be havin my gastric bypass SOON and i was just wondering what time off work ...

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    Forum Member pompey gal :-)'s Avatar
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    Apr 2010

    Smile How long after surgery before I return to work?

    hiya all im hoping to be havin my gastric bypass SOON and i was just wondering what time off work il need after and how long everyone else needed hope to hear from some of u guys soon xx

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    Hi Pompey

    I'm just 5 weeks out from having a bypass ... so it's still very fresh in my mind. You will definitely need to take the week of your op and, ideally, the week after as well, especially if you have to drive. Physically, you will start to feel better relatively quickly. However, it's the inside healing that takes more time plus getting used to your new way of eating. Thankfully, I'm self employed so I took 4 weeks off to give myself time to heal, rest and come to terms with the whole food thing.

    Last week was my first week back at work and I had 3 business lunches - all of which I was able to cope with quite well because I'm now over my throwing up phase which happened at about weeks 2 and 3 and am much more relaxed now.

    Take the maximum time you can - it'll be worth it whilst you go through a period of adjustment. Good luck, Pompey

    RNYGB by Shaw Somers done on 9th August 2010 at The Clementine, Harrow

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    Senior Member petal's Avatar
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    We are advised that it is two weeks before you should drive. I had my operation 10 days ago and I am also self employed. I feel that I could attend the odd meeting next week perhaps and work short days. Unfortunately, until you get used to the food and bowel movements, you can suffer from very painful wind! I reckon if you had the luxury of having 3 or 4 weeks off you would feel ok to go back to work after then! xxx

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    I guess it really depends on what you do for work as well. If you have an office job with not a lot of moving about, you are going to be able to go back to it sooner than if you have a job that requires you to do any lifting or anything too strenuous.

    I had a band, so my recovery time was a lot quicker than for the bypass, but you really need to have a think about the activity levels involved in your job. If you are able to, do as Petal has suggested and try to book at least 3 or 4 weeks off work, then if you can go back sooner, they will be pleasantly surprised, or just enjoy the extended break and use it as a time to get used to your new lifestyle.

    Take care

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    Hi Pompey Gal
    I had bypass and took two weeks annual leave. Ended up returning to work early a couple of days but no driving.
    I was fine returning to work but no one should over do it you do need your rest.
    Take care xx
    RNY 24 June 2010 Chris Pring

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    Chichester, West Sussex
    I know someone who had the bypass and she had eleven weeks off work.

    I am hoping to have the bypass. I have got a very physical job, where I am pulling out bed, hanging curtain, up and down ladders, moving heavy machines etc. So I think I will be off work for sometime. Plus as I work at St Richards, I am in contact with people who are MRSA, C-Diff, TB etc. So I can see myself being off for sometime.....

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    Was 3 weeks for me but I do have a rather relaxed job sitting at a desk most of the day.
    Energy levels take a nose dive around 4-8 weeks where it will be enough just trying to stay awake most days.

    Lifting should be restricted for as long as possible and as you work with such illnesses I would eb on the very cautious side, perhaps they can find you something a little less risky if your wanting to get back....

    Can picture you becoming a little miracle in no time... excercise in your job will give you great results I am sure....

    I expect St Richards are pretty clued up on Health and Safety so perhaps a few quite works about going back to work is in order.....

    Good luck

    Buzz xx

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    Sunny South Coast
    6 weeks for me

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    Ringmer, East Sussex
    I had 5 weeks off after having a band as I was getting pain by my ribs alot so my gp signed me off until I had my 1st fill and that had settled for a week and then went back on a phased return that was in july but still find myself very tired.

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    Forum Member pompey gal :-)'s Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    hiya all thanks for the replies muchly a senior care support worker with young adults with learning difficulties and they can become very challenging at times il have to explain this to st richards when deciding how long i need off im sure it'll all be ok
    thanks again all x

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