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This is a discussion on Sneezing within the The Gastric Bypass- 6 months & beyond forums, part of the The Gastric Bypass Operation category; This may sound daft but I wondered if anyone else sneezes when they have eaten too much, too fast or ...

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    This may sound daft but I wondered if anyone else sneezes when they have eaten too much, too fast or the wrong thing?

    I haven't mentioned it before because I thought for months that it was just a coincidence but I know for sure now that it is a reaction to filling my stomach too fast because every time I eat food that won't go down for some reason I sneeze a lot. It is often an indication that I am going to be sick.
    Anyone else get this?


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    Wow...never thought I would read this because yes, I do sneeze, and I DON'T KNOW WHY? I don't think it's because I eat too quickly, the wrong foods etc...but it does happen and causes amusement in the family. Maybe some research is needed in this area...there obviously is a link for some. Carol x

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    Yep...... Hands up here...
    Sneezing before frothing or mild dumping for me is quite normal....
    Wonder why that is???


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    Not sneezing, but my nose starts to run - I have read that it's quite a common side effect...

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    It appears it is caused by the stomach being stretched after a large meal which, for us doesn't take much!! Totally normal by the sounds of it yet weird at the same time.

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